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Finding eLearning content for your LMS can be hard!

Whether you need fast access to one eLearning course or a full suite of courses for your teams, navigating the sea of eLearning providers can be overwhelming.

We make it easy for organisations of any size to find, evaluate and procure “off-the-shelf” eLearning content for their preferred LMS.

Seamlessly connecting you with a wealth of online training courses from leading eLearning publishers.

We help you discover the RIGHT eLearning courses for your staff

We help you find and evaluate the best eLearning courses to meet your organisation’s staff training needs.

Using an eLearning marketplace approach we combine breadth and depth of content so you can access exactly what you need when you need it.

We are here to help you select the right courses and easily integrate them onto your LMS.

In partnership with us you can:

  • Access over courses from + leading content publishers
  • Benefit from our expert procurement guidance and technical support
  • Easily and seamlessly expand your eLearning provision
  • Fully integrate any content with your LMS (or use our LMS)
  • Utilise our flexible purchase models to suit every need and budget

Working with us is EASY


Evaluate eLearning content before you buy

Sign up to review any course in full, you can try courses for free and browse our full catalogue of eLearning content


Support to select content and payment options

Our eLearning experts will help you curate the best course titles to meet your specified learning objectives and recommend the best purchase options to suit your budget


Take control of your staff training

We support you to access eLearning content so you can successfully deliver your digital learning strategy and programmes

Relax! We have flexible purchase options

Our flexible purchase options give you control of your L&D budget.

We work closely with you to identify the content types and purchase or licensing models which best meet your requirements.

We will support you to map each of your learning requirements to our eLearning courses and we will provide you with commercial proposals for the most economic purchase option for each requirement.

We offer Pay-As-You-Go, Publisher Enrolments or Annual License options to ensure we have the right purchase model to suit the scale of your eLearning training needs and to fit within your budget.

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