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Our eLearning catalogue is growing all the time and currently covers:

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Personal Development

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Health & Social Care




How we select only the best eLearning courses

Our content curation process is governed by our PrAISE content quality audit process. PrAISE allows us to evaluate and validate the quality of content for all of our publishers prior to onboarding their courses.

PrAISE is a robust methodology that assesses the following attributes of an eLearning course:

Production | Assessments | Interactions | Structure | Expertise


High Production values – lest not forget that the process of creating eLearning is not unlike the process of creating a Hollywood movie or a TV drama and it is all down to working to high production values with whatever media you are using. This means paying attention to the quality of the script writing, creative treatments and the audio and visual media.

Learning Assessments that matter – assessing the learner’s level of understanding is a critical part of the learning process itself, as well as of value to the organisation in terms of a measure of the effectiveness of learning. The assessment methods should offer a degree of challenge and force the learner to think and reflect on what they have learnt.



Interactions that encourage critical thinking – what makes eLearning different to other forms of self-study is learner interaction. Good instructional design recognises the need for frequent interactions yet also that every interaction must have purpose and encourage the learner to reflect more deeply about what they are learning.

Logical Structure, flow and signposting – just as in other forms of learning or communication the content needs to be well structured so that it tells a story from start to finish and provides ‘signposting’ along the way.



Created with the necessary Expertise to offer a credible learning programme. Expertise is provided by subject matter experts and any eLearning development team must utilise appropriate SMEs to create a valuable, accurate and credible course.

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We are a leading eLearning distribution company and experts in the fields of organisational people development and technology-enabled learning.

Tony Small

Tony is a business leader with over 20 years progressive experience across the education and technology landscape.

A strategic and articulate individual with extensive experience of start-ups, business growth, turnaround and expansion.

Renowned for devising solutions that increase ROI and maximise performance. Tony has an appetite for training, consulting and client management.

Ken Wood

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Clive Hoey

Clive is an eLearning industry professional with over 20 years of experience in distributing high-use information and learning products.

Following a career in both academic and news-based publishing, Clive delivered the commercial eLearning offer for one of the UK’s best-known training companies.

Today, Clive manages the supply side of Core Learning’s aggregation service. He supports relationships with 50+ leading publishers and various key clients. He lives in the Peak District with his bass guitar, and his family.

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